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What is LD Connect?

About LD Connect

LD Connect was set up to help people with a learning disability who are living in Preston.

What can it help you do?

  • Find out about what social activities are happening in your area.
  • Help you to make new friends and keep in touch with other people.
  • Helps you spend time with people, having fun in what you like you like to do.
  • Puts you in control of your own social life.
  • Find your own home or people to house share with.
  • Save you money by sharing support and transport costs.

LD Connect is run by S.A.I.L (Self Advocacy in Lancashire) and supported by local charities Integrate, Caritas Care and SPIRE. All these organisations as well as the Carers Centre will support each other and share the responsibility of keeping you up to date on local events, social activities and groups that you may want to join. They will also make sure that the only people who can use this website have a learning disability and make sure people stay safe and well when on this site.

Social Networking

Social Networking means you can talk to your friends online and find out what your friends are up to and if they are going anywhere where you would like join them.

This website is free, members only website. Only people with a learning disability in the Preston area can use this site as well as people who support and care for you.

Once you join, you can:

  • Safely contact your friends, family, support staff and service providers.
  • Make new friends who live near you and keep in touch with old friends.
  • Meet people who share the same interests and hobbies as you.
  • Make arrangements to share support and transport with friends.
  • Share ideas and experiences.
  • Meet people who might want to home share.

Create a profile to let people know more about you and what you like to do in your spare time.

You’ll be able to search for people who live near you that you might want to become friends with.

Keep up to date on all the interesting and exciting things that are happening near you. Like Integrate’s Adventures.

Find out what services or social group are in your area like self-advocacy groups, you might even want to start your own group!


If you find any group or club that you would like to join, you can apply online to join them.

You might even want to start your own group in your area and find out online if other people would be interested in joining. You could then work together to set up this group. If you wanted our help we can give you advice and share our experiences in setting up new groups.

Get Involved in Local meetings:

You might want to become a member of a local advocacy group like Face 2 Face. This is a self-advocacy group for people with learning disabilities who meet regularly to talk about local issues. As a team they talk about how they can make things better for people with a learning disability.

S.A.I.L (Self Advocacy in Lancashire) is a user led organisation, which means it is run by people with a learning disability. You might want to find out more about S.A.I.L and even become a member.

LD Connect will organise some regular social events for members through its partners. Details of these events will be advertised on the LD Connect website.

House Mates & Sharing

Finding some where new to live can be a stressful time! Knowing where you would like to live and maybe who you would like to live with can be confusing.

If you’re looking to move, fill a vacancy in your home, change where you live or find people you’d like to share with LD Connect is the place to be!

You can put up information about yourself, your house or what you are looking for on this website. People who share the same interests as you might be looking for a house mate or to share a new home with other people.

Preston City Council has a link so you can go directly to their site and apply for a housing form. http://www.selectmove.co.uk/Data/ASPPages/1/2.aspx . They will also direct people with a learning disability to join LD Connect so they can put their details up and help them find a house mate etc.

When you have got to know someone and feel comfortable to meet people you might want to arrange meeting them to see if you get on or if you have already made friends you can apply together for a house.

Online Safety

Staying safe online is VERY IMPORTANT!

LD Connect is checked all the time by admin officers (People who will make sure everything is ok).

Admin Officers will make sure that only people with a learning disability and the people who support them can access the site.

Members from S.A.I.L, Carers Centre, Integrate, SPIRE and Caritas Care Ltd are administrators.

Once the Admin Officers are happy that you are who you say you are you can start using LD Connect and start making new friends!

We will tell you how to keep safe online and tell you how to report something if it makes you feel uncomfortable.

Remember your address and personal details will never be given away and are kept private at all times.

This is a FREE website so no one will ever ask you for your bank details or ask you for money! If they do you should report them straight away.

How to join

Joining is really easy!

Register online or by phone.

Once the Administrators are confident that you are who you say you are then you’re all set for using LD Connect


S.A.I.L (Self Advocacy in Lancashire) and local providers will also have workshops to help members and their support staff or carers to:

  • Use computers and learn how to use the LD Connect website.
  • Use the internet safely.
  • Find out about things on the internet.

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